Uguisu(Japanese bush warbler) Ume extract (30g)

This was made with only Kamiyama’s “Ohshukubai (bush warbler Ume)” which is well known for its fantastic aroma.

Sales price 1600 ¥

This “Uguisu Ume Extract” is made with only  Kamiyama’s “Ohshukubai (bush warbler Ume)” which is known for its fantastic aroma. Even though Ume extract is called “extract”, it is actually a strongly concentrated form of young green Ume juice by simmering down for a long time. It only makes 20g of Ume extract from 1kg of green Ume plum. Since it’s strongly concentrated, the  active ingredient is several dozen times more effective than regular Ume plum. Also, we don’t use any other ingredient (such as salt) other than green Ume plum, this is safe for the people who is on a restricted diet.

This Ume extract is a paste that you can take as it is, but also it can be used as a hidden secret ingredient to add delicious flavoring to your favorite dishes by mixing with your favorite wine, oils, sauce and more.


Ume Extract (30g)

Ingredient: Ume Plum (harvested in Tokushima)

Store in a cool place

Kamiyama Umeya, Ryuji Nakayama




Uguisu, the Japanese singing bird, Bush warbler

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